Some updates…

So it’s been a while (~1.5 yrs?) since I post something on my own website, and I wonder if people think this site is abandoned. It’s not, and I am just too busy to take care of it. Sorry. I will try to update some information in this post.


During the past a few years at UW Center for Urban Waters, I used non-target screening method to characterize the organic contaminants in stormwater, marine water, and other environmental samples. For the stormwater direction, I led the project in searching for the causal toxicant inducing acute mortality in coho salmon. Thanks to the efforts of the Kolodziej group and other great collaborators, we found the primary toxicity driver as a transformation product of a ubiquitous tire rubber additive. This work has been published on Science, and covered by NYT, Seattle Times, The Guardian, and many other media. For the marine water project, we are able to screening through the samples collected throughout the Puget Sound, and found many emerging contaminants that were previously unknown. This work has been published on ES&T. In addition, there are a few other works being written or revised, and hopefully we will have them published in the next year.

Career Development

I have been searching for a long-term job, preferably a faculty or scientist position. With my expertise, experience, and passion, I would be able to lead a externally funded research program in environmental science, environmental engineering, or analytical chemistry.

My CV is updated on my site, if you are interested.

About Life

I would use the famous quote from Southpark: “How do you kill that which has no life?

I still keep the habit of running (probably ~400 km this year, thanks to the Pandemic). I try to read some more books in Paleontology and History. Also I am learning to play Ukelele. Hopefully I could reunite with my wife in the east coast, then I will have a life.

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