Last week, I attended the 255th ACS National meeting at New Orleans, and presented part of my PhD work. Thanks to my PhD advisor at UNC my current advisors at UW!

Although not my first time at ACS, it was still exciting for young scientists like me. I have learned from many exciting presentations, especially the HRMS symposium and the CEC symposium. I always wish to spend some more time in other divisions like analytical chemistry or chemoinformatics, but the schedule was tight.

Except for the good science, I have met great people. Old friends for sure, and some new faces came with exciting talents. I talked with great environmental scientists, and my advisor also introduced me to some famous professors. I really appreciate their suggestions and insights!

At the YCC 5K FunRun, I met my twitter friend Linda Wang, who work for C&EN. The most exciting experience was that I met Dr. Emma Schymanski, who is the author of the famous “Schymanski Criteria” that widely used in the field of non-target and suspect screening.



After the meeting, I spent some more time at New Orleans with my generous wife. We visited a historical plantation, and enjoyed some good local food. I like gumbo!

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